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Clean Heat & Vent Limited HVAC Specialists

“Your One-Stop Shop For All HVAC Requirements,

Heat Pump Cleaning, Water Heating

Residential & Commercial”.

We have a huge range of heat pumps air conditioners of all styles and models of the following brands below.

Take a look at our website for products and pricing.

Laybuy For Heat Pumps

Web Store

High Wall Heat Pumps

High Wall 

High Wall options available

style and form is yours to choose from.

Floor Console Heat Pumps

Floor Console

Designed for where a wall mounted system

is not suitable.

Split System Heat Pumps

Split System

heat or cool multiple rooms with just one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units.

Ducted System Heat Pumps

Ducted A/C

Installed in a confined space and ducts run through the ceiling leading to air outlets

in your room.

Commercial Heat Pumps


bulkhead systems and cassette are designed

to sit entirely in your ceiling distribute air

via discreet grilles.

Portable Heat Pumps

Portable Units

Elegant compact design and easy to move

from room to room.

Gree Heat Pumps
Hitachi Heat Pumps
Toshiba Heat Pumps
Mitsubishi Heat Pumps
Mitsubishi Heat Pumps
Carrier Heat Pumps


PH: 0225074304

EMAIL: [email protected]

Auckland Based Company