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Clean Heat & Vent Limited HVAC Specialists

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Residential & Commercial”.

Home Insulation Supply & Install Packages.

Real Wool Or Polyester Ceiling,Wall,Underfloor Insulation

Real Wool Or Polyester Ceiling, Wall, Underfloor Insulation Packages To Insulate Your Whole Or Part Of Your Home.

R1.5 Polyester underfloor insulation has recycled a product and the most robust insulation on the market, environmentally friendly polyester retains its loft better than any other insulation which means it can give its full R-value for more years than glass wool products.

Polyester doesn't absorb moisture so perfect to stop rising damp and underfloor moisture damage, it won't get heavy with moisture and fall out due to weight.

Doesn't carry odours.

R 3.2 Real wool ceiling insulation, natural wool bonded with polyester strand so no resins or chemicals, meaning non-toxic and also biodegradable.

Wool is the best natural insulator which has the ability to moderate the humidity inside your home, it can turn moisture in the air into warm energy by evaporating it helping to moderate the inside temperature.

With one of the highest fire resistance ratings, Wool will not burn but melt away from the ignition source and extinguish itself.

Package Prices Change From Size Of Home-Space To Insulate And Products Required Or Chosen.

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