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Clean Heat & Vent Limited HVAC Specialists

“Your One-Stop Shop For All HVAC Requirements,

Heat Pump Cleaning, Water Heating

Residential & Commercial”.

 fault Find And Access Problems Or Repair Work On All HVAC Systems


We Provide Service Calls to fault Find And Access Problems Or Repair Work On All HVAC Systems Water Heating Or Anything Else We Take Part In We Also Provide Break Down And Repair.

  • Service on All Brands Models
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Fully Stocked Vans with Replacement Parts
  • Technicians Use State of the Art Diagnostic Tools

 fault Find And Access Problems Or Repair Work On All HVAC Systems


Standard Clean & Sanitize Heat Pump Servicing

Standard Clean & Sanitize Service

Standard Clean & Sanitize Recommended for annual repeat customers low to medium usage who regularly have there units clean sanitized and serviced per year or 6 monthly scheduled servicing.

Premium Clean & Sanitize Heat Pump Servicing

Premium Clean & Sanitize Service

The Premium service is recommended on Heat pumps that have never been clean & sanitized or had annual servicing performed or have High usage year round on both heating and cooling.This service is to prevent mould extractions having to be performed and unnecessary wear and tear stress on your unit from running inefficiently.This service is also for DUCTED SYSTEMS.POOL AND WATER HEATING HEATPUMPS

Mould Extraction Clean & Sanitize Heat Pump Servicing

Mould Extraction Clean & Sanitize Service

The mould extraction clean & sanitize is required for heat pumps that have mould present on the fan barrel inside the mouth of the unit and through the heat exchanger - evaporator coil.this can be seen by shining a torch through the vanes and onto the fan barrel or by removing filters and shining torch on heat exchanger coil whilst unit is not running.

Heat Pump Cleaning

Procedures Of The Heat Pump Clean & Sanitize And Preventive Maintenance 20 Point Service.

All Available Services Have A Specific Purpose Dedicated Or Aimed At Its Reason Of Choice

"Standard" "Premium" "Mould Extraction" Besides These Key Reasons That Match What Your Unit Requires Below Is The Procedures All Services Include.


*Unit Is Tested On Heating.

*Panel Work & Filters Removed And Put Through A Anti Bacterial Wash.

*Internal Coil Is Sprayed With Industry Approved Coil Cleaner And Disinfectant Sanitize Treatment Are Applied To Remove Blockages Mites Bacteria And Germs.

*Fan Barrel And Veins Cleaned All Dust Removed From Unit.

*Electrical Inspected And Internal Thermostat Cleaned.

*Internal Drain And Drip Tray Flushed.

*Unit Is Tested On Cooling.


*Lid Removed And Internals Flushed Out With Cleaner.

*Fan Blades Cleaned And Fan Bering Degreased Mounts Checked.

*Coil Flushed And Sanitized.

*Trunking And Refrigeration Piping Inspected.

*Electrical And Compressor Inspected.

*Housings And Grill Cleaned.

*Noise Level And Running Performance Checked.

*Check For Vermin [If Treatment Required Extra Cost} Listed In Heat Pump Services Add ons.

*Clear Foliage From Around Outside Unit.

*Units Feet And Mounts Checked And Vibration.

*Drainage From Inside Unit To Outside Checked And Outside Unit Drain.

*Tested On Heating Again.

*Repair Work Faults Results From Findings Reported To Customer.


Heat Pump Service And Repair

Insect Treatment.

Applied In And A round Outside Heat Pump Unit To Kill Deter Prevent Insects Bugs Pests From Damage To Unit And Unhealthy Vermin Exposure

Heat Pump Service And Repair

Rust Guard

Rust Guard Application Clear Coat

Applied To Outside Unit Panel

Surroundings And Screws To Prevent Rust And Corrosion

Powder Coat Fade

Heat Pump Service And Repair


Replace-Repair Perished Or Missing Lagging-Insulation On Heat Pumps Copper Pipe Work To Prevent Temp Loss And Efficiency Loss Expositor-Corrosion Of Gas Lines Copper Pipes.We Use Top Quality Fire Rated UV Protected Industrial Insulation.

Heat Pump Service And Repair

Trunking Capping Flexi Tube

Outside Trunking,


Capping, Elbows,


Heat Pump Service And Repair

Isolation Switch

Isolation Switches Available For Installation

Or Replacement Electrical

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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EMAIL: [email protected]

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